Vaamu, Black Jeera, Fenugreek Powder

For indigestion and gastric Issues, for weight loss.

Made under the concept of “Food as medicine and medicine as food”.

On every purchase, a portion is spent to promote Desi Cows & Our Tradition & Culture.

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The Concept of Kshethram is "FOOD AS MEDICINE AND MEDICINE AS FOOD".



Ingredients :

1. Black Jeera

2. Jeera

3. Vamu

4. Fenugric Seed

5. Dry Jinger

Directions to use : Take 1 tea spoon of this powder along with one glass of Butter milk or luke warm water twice a day. Release from Gastric problems and other digestional disorders Consider to be the best in Ayurveda for digest

Weight :

50 gms

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