Sprouts Health Mix (Natural Proteins/Fibers)

From Nature to boost your health a product from wild nature

  1. Rich in Minerals
  2. Rich in Proteins & Fibre
  3. Improves Immunity
  4. Good for Growth
  5. Plenty of Calcium
  6. Pure and Natural Ingredients source from controlled farming from all over India.
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Prepared from Natural Millets, Grains and Pulses, no chemicals, Preservatives, Added flavors, Colours and Synthetics used. Not a drug. It is only a Food Supplement.

Preparation : Add 2 tea spoons of this mix to one glass of hot milk or hot water. Add Palm Jaggery / Jaggery / Honey for taste. For best result drink before breakfast and before going to bed.

Weight :

250 gms

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