Rolled Foxtail Flakes

Foxtail Flakes : 

Single ingredients Foxtail. Foxtail seeds used. Fully Natural. Highly nutriticious food.

From Kshethram we are committed to give the best quality products always. Ingredients used in our products are sourced from nature, grown in Hills of Eastern & Western Ghats.


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Directions : Add these flakes in required quantity in a bowl of hot or cold milk and eat. For taste you can add Natural Sugar or Honey. This can be had with butter milk also.

Contains :

Improves blood circulation

Controls diabetes

Fiber rich

Protein rich

Source of Anti-oxidants

Helps in controlling cholesterol

Prevents cardiovascular diseases

Regulates blood sugar levels

Improves muscle strength

Reduces risk of colon cancer.


Open the pack and shift the content to air tight container


Weight :

250 Gms

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