Pure and Natural Desi Cow Ghee

Kshethram to bring back past glory of traditional India

Naturally made divinely cow product improves immunity, general health good for deity worship, good for rituals. Good for nature, home, our respiratory system when used in homas.


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The Concept of Kshethram is "FOOD AS MEDICINE AND MEDICINE AS FOOD".


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– Contains essential fatty acids. – Prepared for best results as mentioned in sastras, Desi cow ghee nourishes all the dhatus (tissues) of the body. – Good for medicinal preparations. Good for ulcers, constipation, eyesight, healthy skin. Contains high nutritional values, and phenolic antioxidants. – In a nut shell Desi Cow Ghee is Good for physical and mental health. Develops positive hora, best for devotional use. – Good for environment

Nature and cow entangled, we should realise and save the nature and the cow. Destroying or ignoring will be disastrous, let us protect the nature and cow for our well being. Let us make a practice of using nature related products and Desi Cow based products for better and long living.

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450 gms, 225 gms

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