Panchagavya Aarogya Lehyam

Aarogya Lehyam :

Our ancient traditional food always used to be “food as medicine and medicine as food”. All our sastras say that Indian dietary, inventory use to be the best source energy to the people earlier. Research on this also confirmed this on many occasions. This product is made out of raw material sourced from Nature and Desi Cow to give you the best health. Kshethram products are mostly made as per our ancient belief and use. Regularly use of products made out of Nature and Desi Cow based products will give good health and keeps us mentally fit. All the products are good for countering many disorders as per sastras. This leyham contains best raw material and all the ingredients used are from regular kitchen basket, Kshethram ensured that the raw material used are best. This lehyam builds defence mechanism and improves immunity in the body to counter any pandemic.

Concept of Kshethram is “Food as medicine and medicine as food”

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The Concept of Kshethram is "FOOD AS MEDICINE AND MEDICINE AS FOOD".


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This lehyam is best for intestinal disorders, works on respiratory track infections. This leyyam is dietary supplement all the ingredients used in this lehyam preparation are mostly available in our kitchens. Since Panchagavya and other raw material are used good for health, which keeps are body and mind fit. This lehyam is good for correcting many disorders and good for growing children. The contents of this lehyam will improve defence mechanism and build immunity system within our body to counter many pandemic and ailments. Use regularly for best results.

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300 gms

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