Natural Multiflora Raw Honey

Kashmiri Wild Multiflora Raw Honey

Concept of Kshethram is “Food as medicine and medicine as food”

On every purchase, a portion is spent to promote Desi Cows & Natural Agriculture.


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The Concept of Kshethram is "FOOD AS MEDICINE AND MEDICINE AS FOOD".




Colour of unprocessed natural raw honey may vary from batch to batch depending upon the varieters of flowers.

Do not refrigerate Honey tends to crystallize if refrigerated, and will be liquidized by placing in hot water or sun. Store in cool and Dry place.

Ingredients : Pure & Raw Multiflora Honey 100%

Nutritional Information :

Nutritional Facts Per 100g

Energy 320 Kcal

Carbohydrate 82g

Natural Sugar 82g

Added Sugar 0g

Protein 0g

Fat 0g

Sodium 17mg

Potassium 138mg

Calcium 13.5mg

iron 1.5mg

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