Process Desi cow muthram collected directly from the cow, the collected urine of the cow is boiled converted into steam then condence and collected, hence this bottle contains highly purified muthram for best results. This is highly purified muthram.

Made under the concept of “Food as medicine and medicine as Food”

“Derived from Sastras, experiments, experiences and belief”

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The Concept of Kshethram is "FOOD AS MEDICINE AND MEDICINE AS FOOD".


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Gomuthram Ark Full Description in Youtube
  Directions : Take 30 ml of Gomutra Ark on empty stomach in the morning and 30 ml 1 hour after dinner before going to bed. No side effects. Information : For more details consult physician and also reffer experts opinion on Youtube and Google. Store in cool and dry place. Should be protected from direct sun light. Product Highlights : – Desi Cow muthram is called Madhya and hradya, which means it gives strength to brain and heart. – Desi Cow muthram protects the heart and brain from damages caused by mental tension. – Prevents organs from severe disorders. Works on many ailments. Kshethram Gomutra Ark : Our sastras and research states that Gomutra Ark (Micro Distrilled form Native Cow Urine) will be acting like Sanjeevani which cures many Ailments. This is also good for certain life taking diseases and disorders. It is said to be balancing the tri-dosas(mucous, bile and air) and starts functioning from liver intestines and thus start curing the diseases. As per the sastras and research all diseases and disorders starts from liver and intestines, It is said that this muthra wonderfully acts and cures from the origien resulting in curing many Ailments. It also contains germs eliminating power. It will improves functioning of liver and improves the immunity in human body. It works on many Ailments.

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