1965 Kshethram History

I have faced many hurdles and hardships in My journey of making these products. I have seen phenomenal changes from strong relationships to breakage of relationships and bonding. I witnessed since decades year by year how our traditions, Culture and living conditions kept on deteriorated and slowly by the time we reached this millennium how gradually we started thinking that our tradition, Culture, Relationships hurdles in commercial type of living. It is a fact that broken traditional attachments and family bonding, adversely reflecting on badly on our living.

I have witnessed the living right from 1965 onward, those days the living was so exiting and filled with full of attachments and strong bonding. The Villages were lively and Festivals used to be colourful and used to be no boundaries for joy and happiness for being with all the people whom we love to live.  Earlier relationships used to matter a lot. The traditional and culture practice of earlier days were used to be source for quality living and hence everyone used to be physically and mentally strong. Ever since we started breaking our marriage/ family institutions, traditional and culture practice we slipped into living in adverse conditions. Our food was traditional from Nature based farming.

2000 kshethram History

By the time we entered 2000 era everything started going out of our hands and gradually complicated our living.  Atrocities brewed up, many were living in the grip of fear and life became a big question. Changed attitudes, not only made life miserable also affected our living and health and increase of perversions, attitudinal disorders and exposing us to dangerous situations. My opinion is that we all should feel that we should live in crime free society. Asking for stringent laws to punish will be of no use and cannot contain crime unless we start correcting our attitudes. Can the victim get back the life, what will be fate of victim and what situation will the families are put to. Only remedy before us is to correct our attitude, this should first start from each one of us.

2001 Kshethram History

Earlier, people used to feel marriage as holy ceremony and family as sweet bonding. More over during those days marriage was only institution which used to bind man and a woman, there was no other alternative platform to match marriage to make a family or to live together. This is not the situation today many relationships have come into practice such as Living relationships, dating etc which is against our Culture and Tradition. Present generations are not aware of the strength in our traditions and Culture, how festivals played important role in our traditional living. It is pity that we elders failed to take our tradition into the present generations. Many feel that giving space for traditions, culture is waste of time. We failed to realize that Nature, traditions, culture will keep us healthy and happy. Many of us today believe that “money make many things” may be true for detached living but this belief cannot give us life, even though this was proved many doesn’t want to accept this fact. I wish we at least learn from this covid situation, how life became miserable, Today the situation is that we are unable to give time and forcing our children to depend upon fast food, Junk food, other way also not giving time to the children which made them to get used to mobile and Junk food. There is is no scope for children to know about traditions, Culture. Many children also don’t know about our history Puranams and more that matter no one is there to tell them our many malgudi fairy tales, Maha Bharatham and Ramayanam. Our days the movies also used to carry our traditions and Culture message. All these shortfalls are exposing children to dangerous conditions. It is need to change this living system and people should start coming back to our earlier practices. As a first step we should begin with food habits which again very important gor good living, as it is proved that our traditional food is best in many ways, moreover, traditional food and behavior could contain Virus to an extent and save us in these worst conditions, it is proved that the best medicine in many ways are found in Indian Kitchens and written in our sasthras.  

2002 Kshethram History

This situation what we are facing is because of change in our attitude towards our tradition Culture and living habits. Now it is the need to get back to our ancient practice for better living. We are not showing children the charm of living in the conditions filled with traditions, attachments and stronger relationships. Some are not giving space for children to groom them in required manner. Some are forcibly detaching from marriage bonding even for silly reasons, in this event the man and the woman to break their family are speaking about fundamental Right to do so without realizing there are children too who to have fundamental Rights that they are forcibly bringing the children into life, this attitudes of many parents making the children to lead confused state of living which is also in a way reason for many children are subjected to psychological disorders. Some think of accumulating wealth for well being of their family and children, in this case I could not understand “what for this wealth without giving them secured society”. 

2004 Kshethram History

In this way there are many instances which used to worry me and made me to think about the future of our next generations.

When Nirbhaya incident happened and when people agitated against corruption, public blamed Governments and weak Laws, even after laws were formulated atrocities still continued. My opinion was that blaming Laws and Governments is an excuse we are finding to escape from our responsibilities, the main problem lies with we the People. Our attitudes are changing Day by day, perversions and psychological disorders are on raise and giving way to all these Crimes and atrocities. It is clear that it is not the fault of the Governments or the system, this situation is because of our attitudes. Looking at all these changes, we all should accept that Peace and harmony in the Society can be possible only when we first correct our attitudes and the way of living.

2005 Kshethram History

This thought made me to think, what is the reason and what should be done?

From my study I could understand that these deteriorating conditions started from the time we deviated from our strongest traditional food pattern to junk food format. Detached living started from the day of breaking Undivided Family Structure (HUF) and traditions. Many may differ with me but the fact is always hurting. My previous days when we used to visit our villages and places, we used to find Grand Mothers, Great grandmothers and old people, some on bed some healthy but all young and old together used to live under same roof, end life in the midst of entire family where even the people on death bed also used to be happy. These days we find most of them living and ending lives in old age homes only in most distress conditions. The treatment what we are giving to our elders the same will be carry forward by our children too can we expect more? Is this the society we are looking for? These are the questions always used to prick me.

2010 Kshethram History

Looking at all these conditions of living first I thought begin with, I thought of starting this revolution from making and taking our traditional food to every door in India and to the places where our people live, by involving few and slowly making many into this forum of making of a traditional career platform.

Our traditional food, our traditional kitchen basket used to contain every formulas and recipes which used to keep our body and mind healthy. Earlier our food pattern and recipes used to be “Food as Medicine and Medicine as Food”. Desi Cow products used to have Life Giving and Life saving strength.

2014 Kshethram History

After detailed study I have taken firm decision and started my journey in 2014, I, travelled all over India and started promoting small and medium entrepreneurs in processing traditional Products with ingredients sourced from Nature, this is where my first leg of journey began.

I have extensively studied about our wonder Desi cow and nature gifted ingredients which can give good health, wonderful growth and could counter many Diseases.

If we look at history and present situation our Indian traditional food and the herbs are the best and capable of containing any pandemic.

2020 Kshethram History

2014, 2015, 2016 I was only learning about our traditional food and Desi Cow strength 2017, I, used all my contacts to make people to get involved into this product making, in 2018 and 2019 I was engaged in processing these products. Here again I have encountered many hardships problems with people and circumstances, after encountering all such issues in mid 2019 Kshethram came into existence and finally on 6th January 2020, I formally launched products but struggled to hit stalls as many started asking more margins to market our products, which made us struggle further and even now. Finally I thought of going to our customers and seek their support, the movement I thought of reaching People another major issue I myself encounter that is the Carona Pandemic which again put me to so much of financial problems and even I struggled hard to keep the Desi Cows alive and to support suppliers to an extent. Slowly now we regained the grip and came back into market. I humbly seek to support this cause and take this forward. My wish is that many should come into this forum of building traditional India.

2020 Kshethram History

My wish is that Kshethram should always be a traditional Business house with no deviations.

In my opinion Ideology means living beyond Death and Business is for living today. Living beyond death can happen when we have a cause and I strongly believe that Kshethram is for a Cause.

My agenda is to give life to cottage and house manufacturing, street vending, giving life and scope for every house who seek income for existence, home vending and exchanging commodities. I have many programs to take forward which are filled with our culture and Traditions.

I can strongly say that our products made out of Kitchen Basket and our Desi Cow products and can build immunity power which is the only remedy to contain any pandemic and keep us safe.

2020 Kshethram History

People who wish to support this cause can join us.  Please spare few movements click on correct if I am Correct – Click on incorrect if I am Not Correct.

We are set to give you many more Traditional Products in the months to come. We are opening many avenues to everyone who are looking for opportunities.

For us this is the beginning, we appeal to all to support our cause as we have a big agenda to take this movement into masses to transform India into a traditional India.

We are also planning to provide service to Nature based farming and Desi Cows through our Organisations and with a policy of self funding without going for any Donations of any Nature.


Aar Kay