Now Kshethram onespoon opening up many opportunities those who want to make earnings by selling tea natural drinks ,soups, and other products on carts.
Kshethram introducing this concept to enable small and medium entrepreneurs to avail this opportunity in conducting big business minimal investments.
     This concept will address the prevailing situations of high financial involvement in opening franchise stores. To open any organic stores requires heavy investments initially in the form of rental advances interiors and stocking of products depending upon the size of the stores, more over monthly recurring expanses in the form of power bill, shop maintenance , salaries,. Etc.. The success of business in shops depends upon the customers visiting the shop. Hence with such investments reaching break even point will take time.
     Now In this scenario Kshethram introduced this concept to minimize the expenditure on opening up shop as well as regular conducting of the shop drastically.
          Kshethram onespoon carts (selling varieties of tea, natural drinks, coffee etc..,) and Kshethram health from nature carts (selling varieties of products made out of raw materials sourced from nature and desi cows) Popcorns,Bob maassy varieties of Peanut Candies, Sakkubai – Cooking Oils, Murunga Oils. Our finansize plan¬† minimizes investments and recurring expenditure.
        Kshethram onespoon cart can be placed in crowded places, picnic spots, tourism centers, institutes, pilgrimage centers, highways, etc,,. More over these carts can move wherever required for business. Same is the case with Kshethram health carts which contains varieties of products made out of raw materials sourced from nature and desi cows.
      These motorized carts can move in the colonies to cater the customers at their door steps because of the mobility the business will be in high volume when compare to fixed stores.
Avaliable in Push Cart, Kiosk, Standies, Autos, Electric Carts and more..

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