Most frequent questions and answers

Organic is a modern terminology earlier used to call it as natural farming. In fact decades ago Indian farming was completely nature based and rice grain crops was every six months the soil activity used be good grains, vegetables, fruits and flowers also used contain high nutritional values keeping our body fit and clean. Our natural agriculture produce used to build very good defiance mechanism to counter any virus or bad bacteria. Because of various reasons we have drifted away from natural farming and started depend upon chemicals and fertilizers in our farming activity. Looking at today’s scenario and realizing the fact that the reason for this phenomenal physical and mental disorders and changed attitudes is due to junk food. if compared now a day’s many doesn’t have the immunity power in our body like that of earlier days is the food we have taken. As a ideology Kshethram is sourcing the raw material from hills, forests in making of the products. Kshethram is also as said in our sasthras extensively using exclusive naturally born desi cow’s produce in most of the products hence we can declare that our products are derived from natural farming and desi cows so we are natural.

This a sensitive question but still we can assure you that we have an ideology of taking forward our Indian tradition and culture along with food habits hence there cannot be an occasion where we cannot produce anything which harms the body and which is not source from nature and desi cow. More over we believe that it is legitimate right of a customer to know about they are using, from our side where ever possible we are asking our to visit our desi cow dairy farms and work places to check the quality. we are also going a step ahead trying to incorporate live streaming of ou dairy farms and work  places in the website for active viewing of our customers. by doing all this we can strongly say that we have edge over others and sincerely putting our efforts to give genuine and best products always.

In my opinion organic farming or natural farming on plain land is very difficult the reason being to convert a plain land in a natural or so called organic farming is not so easy. the land proposed for such Nature or so called organic farming should first to be detached from other land ( reason for this is adjacent farming activity water should not run into these lands under current) even after detaching the land 3 years of seasoning with natural fertilizers should be done to activate the earth warms and good bacteria then only the proposed land will be fit for natural farming, can it be  possible for a farmer to sustain for such long years, the answer will be no in many cases. This cultivation at this stage is possible on mountain slopes and forests. This is what Kshethram is doing right now.  Our suggestion to customer please ensure that how the activity is conducted and also ensure all the Cow based products are of Desi Cow only. If all is well, the products of any one will be ok . Ultimately it is the product that matters not Brand. We at Kshethram don’t claim the brand we claim the power of the product.

Yes we do admit that our products are a bit expensive because we are sourcing Raw material from the areas they are popularly known for quality and coming to point of Desi Cow products we are only producing products of truly of Desi Cows, we don’t and never compromise on this. In fact we produce limited quantity as availability of Raw material also limited and can be increased phased way.

Hence most of our products are made to order, people also book in advance and we supply within 10 to 20 days from the date of order.

First of all let me explain that Desi cow maintenance is very high. Expenditure for fodder, Green Grass, Dry Grass etc is almost INR 9000/- per Cow per Month beside cost of Land, labour, electricity, yield of milk per Desi Cow on an average is 2 ltrs, more over each cow gives milk on an average 6 months per year. Now speaking about Ghee, one ltr ghee can be taken if 25 to 30 ltrs of milk is boiled and made as curd and churned (This can be experimented at your homes too). 25 ltrs of desi cow milk even @ INR 70/- per ltr will cost INR 1750/- with this calculation the rate we are selling i.e INR 2200/- is also not viable but selling at this cost is made possible due to extensively using Desi Cow Dung, left over Milk, Curd, GoMuthram and left over ghee for panchagavya product making. Now coming to others selling at low cost we are clueless you only should ascertain. As our Desi Cow Ghee is pure and Natural we are supplying limited quantity through shops and limited quantity through Online.

We are sourcing Honey from best and interior places of Himalayas, western ghats, Eastern Ghats.  We are catering Raw and unprocessed Honey which is said to be the best and healthy having high Natural medicinal values as per ayurveda. Many traders process the honey to cater in volumes but we cater only quality and our supplies are also limited. some time even customers book in advance.