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Kshethram Gosthalam


     KSHETHRAM mainly emphasizing on quality. I am 62 yrs old with a vision I started this traditional business with traditional name “KSHETHRAM” means  punyasthal, we are dealing in multi range traditional Nature and Desi Cow sourced products. My vision is to make people buy original products which are free from adulteration. India is said to be punya boomi having very powerful natural resources. Many of us with selfish motive destroyed our ecological system. Our culture and tradition is stronger. We are working to develop our traditional products which keeps us and environment healthy, All our products boost immunity power. We are  encouraging many entrepreneurs in making of traditional products, we made many entrepreneurs to join our stream. With many walking with us, we are trying to establish a traditional manufacturing and vending system. It is need to build relationships, hence Kshethram works mainly to build relationship with Customers and People. Our target is to make 2000 natural high immunity boosting products and spread our wings all over the globe.

                                                                               …… Aar Kay

Welcome To Kshethram


    Kshethram is a traditional business house looking to promote many entrepreneurs and working  to promote street vending and colony based vending to give life to many. Kshethram is partnering with many entrepreneurs in our journey to give best traditional products. We are working to promote traditional business and appeal to everyone to make our tradition and culture as order of living for better tomorrow. Now we are reaching 200 plus products mark and hope to cross 500 mark by the year 2022, we have plans of opening franchise outlets on all highways ( a store at every 30 kms) in India to come closer to our customers. We believe that this is possible only when we give quality product, that’s why we tagged as “KSHETHRAM” Cow and Nature stores. We are having Desi Cow farms and also associated with many more Goshalas from where we are making Desi cow ghee and all other products made out of Pancha Gavyas.

Why Choose Us

Kshethram Products are made by dedicated groups who believe in ideology and sentiments.   We are also in the verge of posting live streaming of our Desi Cow farms to make our customers understand what we mean.

Eat Healthier

 Kshethram is established only to promote Desi Cow products and Products made out of Raw material sourced from Nature.

Traditional Ideology

Our dedication and traditional ideologies, selecting the Raw material and the process of making products will give us an edge over other competitors.

Fresh And Clean Products

Kshethram in order to give the best products a spectrum is developed to have multiple checks with an intention of giving the best to the customers.

Modern Process

Kshethram is selective on procuring the raw material, more over to give original Desi Cow products, we have developed and we are developing Desi Cow farms at many places.

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Kshethram and Onespoon are in Co-Branding. Onespoon is a spoon containing various flavours in Tea, various flavours in Soups, and much more. Kshethram Onespoon is natural and has mouthwatering taste. First of its kind Concept with wonderful designing, promotion and taste. Never before this happened. Now Kshethram Onespoon made its place this onespoon will be handy while travelling and can be prepared as instant Tea, Coffee, Soups, and Juices of various flavours. Everything is prepared in  hygienic conditions. Business Proposals for small , medium Entrepreneur are solicited, Interested can approach. 

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