Concept of Kshethram is "Food as Medicine and Medicine as Food" based in Hygenic Condtions.

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These products are best to prevent even corona like pandemic from entering a premises or body.

Burning two cow Dung cakes with 10 ml of Desi Cow ghee and four to five Neem leafs by lighting all these in a mud bowl with small camphor can protect entire family and the home from virus and germs. These fumes are even best remidy for respiratory disorders.

All these facts are about any Desi Cow. Kshethram Dairies consists of only Natural born Desi Cows, hence the Kshethram Cow based products are best and reliable. We are ensuring that all the associates of us are also processing in same manner and we are strictly monitoring at every point to give our customers the best. Desi Cow ghee is costly because 1 ltr ghee can be derived by processing 25 ltrs of Milk.

About Products made out of raw material sourced from Nature

We can say that we are sourcing the raw material from ranges of Himalayas Eastern Ghats, Vindya ranges, Nallamalai and other forest areas encouraging tribes and many entrepreneurs. We always work hard to give the best to our customers. The recipes are traditional and good for health and environment. The raw material used by us are said to be the best which can build defence mechanism in our body. With a vision to take all the products to every doorstep and make people to get used to our strongest traditional food habits involving many into this stream of making and vending process.

In fact All the products made by Kshethram can be made by every house hold with the raw material available in their kitchen baskets. The only best thing we are doing is the recipes and the best quality raw material sourced from best place to give you the value added products.

All the Products are made as FOOD AS MEDICINE AND MEDICINE AS FOOD.

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