Desi Cow

            If I have speak of Desi cow we can speak about benefits in many volumes, but to be precise I would like to specified only few elements about our divinely desi cow. Desi cow of Indian origin, It is stated in all Puranams, Sastras that only Desi Cow should be used find in all yagas in all yugas (Satya, Thretha, Dwapara, Kali). Desi Cow is believed to be created by a god along with Nature. Earlier our history and puranams spoke about kamadenuvu which has all the divinely properties such as Medicinal, Devotional, Emotional values and attachments. It is said to be created to help nature and mankind. Exceptionally the Desi cow have hump on its back, This hump has the power of deriving sunlight, taking sunlight into its digesting chamber, mix with digesting process and give high value milk (Desi cow milk and milk products are treated as A2 products having many values), even Desi cow dung and Muthram contains enormous health benefits and wonderful spiritual values.

          In olden days people used to apply cow dung and Muthram on wall and floors with a belief that the cow dung and Muthram are capable of containing virus, bad bacteria and other insects and give protection to entire family, later research also approved this belief. It is accepted fact that all the products are good for health, environment and the farming. Desi cow ghee, milk, butter milk, curd, muthram had high medicinal values. It can cure more than 165 diseases. Desi Cow products will develop defence mechanism in human body. Desi cow dung has a special place in our divinely procedure, Panchagavyas (Desi cow milk, curd, ghee, muthram, Desi Cow Dung) using panchagavyas and ghee in homas, one way geed for lungs and also will remove all the pollution from air and atmosphere. It is said that 20ml of ghee will produce a ton of oxygen. Indian Native Cows (Desi Cows) are having enormous medicinal values, regular usage of Desi Cow milk, Ghee and Curd will build immunity power and improves/enhances defence Mechanism in our body.

            Indian Native Cows (Desi Cows) are having enormous medicinal values, regular usage of Desi Cow milk, Ghee improves/develop defence Mechanism in our body..These Panchagavya have power to give good health, Controlling pest and insects, having power to generate oxygen and protect nature, air, water, fire, Soil. Earlier days our people used to begin our day with cow milk and end day with cow milk and used to depend on cow based products in many forms. There never used to be a festival or occasion without Desi Cow products.

        Many do not know the deference between Indian desi cow and other foreign origin cloned cows like Jersey /HF etc. In my interaction with many people, I could notice that many does not know the difference between Desi cows and Jersey Cow.

To know the facts we giving third party observations to view Click

Comparison between Desi Cow band Jersey / HF Cows:

Desi Cow : Desi Cow milk have enormous healing power, good for healthy growth of children, good for digestive system. It improves metabolism, good for physical and mental health. Desi cow milk fat is good for heart, it destroys bad cholesterol and increases immunity. When mixed in panchagavyas it has immense value.

Our desi Cow based Products :

Desi Cow A2 Ghee



Gana Jeevamrutham

Panchagavya Dhoop Sticks

Panchagavya Abhisheka Thailam

Desi Cow based Panchagavya nava dhinusula lehyam


Jersey cow milk: It is stomach filling only. On long use it decreases the immunity power in human beings and its dung and muthram are of no use.

Jersey Cow is of no use and does not contain any required Medicinal Values. I want to give a clarity between (click to view Desi cows).

Jersey / HF are not of Indian origin they are cloned, its milk contains only stomach filling properties, its dung and muthram are of no use. On the whole jersey cow products are not healthy or having any medicinal Values, Jersey milk products are said to be A1 category which have many after effects and side effects Click to view details Jersey or HF or any foreign origin Cows are not of any value and hence even cannot be used for any devotional purpose. This cow was adopted by us only looking milk yielding capacity.

                                                                                                                                         …………….. Aar Kay

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