My Vision

          "We should build strong relationships filled with attachments. Follow our traditions and Culture. Give life to Farming sector for our present and future survival. Reconstruct and balance our ecological system through better vegetation. We should look at nature for remedies for disorders for health related issues, stop junk food and get habituated to “Food as Medicine and Medicine as Food”.
Everything was in order as long as Nature and Desi Cow products used to be our food course and till we considered our traditional food as medicine and medicine as food, the moment we detached from traditions ourselves with Desi Cow and Nature we became vulnerable to many disorders and diseases.
 "I would like to brief about my Journey in this direction of processing Desi Cow and Nature based Products."
Organic Products or Farming is modern days terminology used for ancient Indian farming system. Those days farming was done using nature remedies and support, hence the produce construed to be best for Physical / Mental Health.
Decades of my experience came across many transitions in priorities, living styles and opinions on relationships. I have gained through my extensive journey all over, noticed radical changes in the attitudes of people. Changed priorities have dramatically destroyed the relationships and human values. My personal assessment is that this phenomenal change in the attitudes and deteriorating conditions because of developing selfish thinking in us. As long as traditions and traditional food habits and preferences were followed everything was in order, many fail to accept this fact many of us are not looking into history and our Sasthras. Earlier days the ingredients, raw material used the food and pattern of food preparation is evidently powerful, used to work as harmless effective medicine hence our earlier generations considered “Food as Medicine and Medicine as Food”. Our traditional food pattern used to keep our body physically and mentally strong with high immunity power and best defence mechanism in our body to resist any pandemic. We should believe that Traditional food made out of material sourced from Nature and Desi Cow. It is a fact that Products made out of Raw material sourced from nature, Desi Cow and our traditional way of cooking can keep us physically and mentally strong. Let us also like our ancestors now start taking “Food as Medicine and Medicine as Food”.
It is a fact that that desi cow products, material used in traditional food preparation in kitchens could give us immense power strengthening our immune system and defence mechanism in our body which used to counter any pandemic those days.
Slowly after 1980 when we looked at Globalization, our food habits changed, started preferring junk food and finally many of us made these food products as order of life, this change in our attitudes affected our mental and physical health very badly and more over extensively damaged our immune system. Change in our food pattern also reflected badly on the growth of our children and became reasons for increasing psychological disorders, change in our food pattern made us to become vulnerable to many life taking diseases. This situation made people like us to think what will be the fate of our children and further generations. This thought made me to work in this direction, and made me to incorporate KSHETHRAM “ Health from Nature” products.
"KSHETHRAM" products are traditional, made by following principles. Every one of us should understand the strength of the Nature and Desi cow. We should know the benefits of using Desi Cow and Nature based Products and start using them. We are involving many in checking process to give truly original. After years of hardship we are now having range of traditional products sourced from Nature and Desi Cows, further we are in the process of making many more products.
Everyone should start using original products which are free from adulteration. It is a fact that Natural and Organic Products are costly and my appeal is that these natural products and traditional products can also be made at home. Let affordability not become a reason to prefer adulterated and harmful food, instead people may prefer making traditional food at home and stop buying worthless products. We from Kshethram never propagate to use our products alone but strongly appeal to all to buy such products from reliable stores and everyone should give some time to know more about the products.
India is said to be punya bhoomi having very powerful natural resources which no other place have, India have many powerful herbs which can work wonders on many ailments and disorders. Many of us with selfish motives destroyed our ecological system, everyone of us should take the blame for this large scale deforestation which costed us dearly, now it is our collective responsibility to come together to rebuild the lost glory, let us realize and bring our Indian traditions, culture back into our life. Our culture and tradition is stronger, our traditional food used to keep us healthy with high immunity power. It is time for us to correct our attitudes for better living. Kshethram to encourage traditional product making, made many entrepreneurs to join our stream. With many walking with us we are trying to establish a traditional manufacturing and vending system. Thought about collective growth we start building relationships and we will be strong if we "Live and Let live". .......Aar Kay

Our Target

our target is to make 2000 natural high immunity building products and spread our wings all over. In our journey we are opening up our doors to give scope to persons who wanted to have full time and support earning by joining us and start making the Products/ distribution/online marketing many more avenue. We are looking forward and working to rebuild traditional business system right from street vending to standees.                                                                                   

                                                                …..Aar Kay

Our Reach

Now we are reaching 200 plus products mark and hope to cross 1000 mark by end of this year 2021, then start opening franchisee outlets on all highways (a store at every 30 kms) all over India. We want to reach  and connected to all with Quality product and quality service. “KSHETHRAM” Health from Nature stores will deliver what our customers expect from us. To deliver what we said we now spread our wings from Himalayas to eastern and Western Ghats. Our aim is to spread all over the globe and serve all who believe in our traditional food – Kshethram Health from Nature.                                         

                                                                               ….. Aar Kay                                         

Grab Opportunity

We are planning to expand by joining State and District wise marketing partners, sell and earn from home/online entrepreneurs. We are giving opportunity in many ways to house wives, unemployed in manufacturing, procurement and marketing avenues. Quality products are designed by encouraging small farmers in many ways. Our aim is also to bring back our old street vending and traditional standees into all colonies. We are promoting Goshalas and associated with Desi Goshalas all over India. Everything was in order as long as Nature and Desi Cow products used to be our food course and till we considered our traditional food as medicine and medicine as food, the moment we detached from traditions ourselves with Desi Cow and Nature we became vulnerable to many disorders and diseases.

We appeal to all that what best we do we can be successful only when every one of you support us and take us forward to serve you all in many more better ways. We look forward for your valuable support always.

                                   …..Aar Kay

Power of Cow Dung

Earlier Natural Cow Dung cakes are dried (pidakalu) on the walls by making round shsped like pan cake. Raw Desi Cow dung just bigger than puri ball is made and hit out on the walls to keep it for drying.  Do you know the reason  .   In villages why they dry cow dung cakes every fifteen days? Why was it followed? When we do this whatever may be the temperature  outside it keeps the temperature at 28 to 35 c inside the house, this even has the power of controlling high radiation. It is also proved scientifically that such practice controls collution, kill Virus and bad bacteria, those days  such practice made them to live healthy, and never depended upon specialist doctors,  vaccinations and medicines.  Do u know Desi cow dung works as Disinfectants,

18 months harvested cow dung is as good as thousands of vaccination. The place where It is applied and dried used to be a safe zone, this application could even convert uv rays and cosmic rays when passed through dry cow dung cake/application could produce electromagnetic waves and neutralize, Nuclear rays and harmful chemicals present inside home environment. This practice used to remove pollution from the Air and people those day could breathe pure and harmless Air and lived safely.The wall on which Cow dung is applied used to be strong as iron shield  effective for 15 days, that is the reason earlier why our ancestors used to apply once in every fifteen days on the walls. It was even believed that British were not able to destroy Chola’s  fort, thats a different story.

While making and throwing these dung cakes it is said to reduce our bad  cholestrol and could control diabetes of the person used to do this application.

It is believed and said by siddhas that if you live inside a house which is covered by cow dung cakes on all sides  allergies, cancer, heart diseases can be cured.

Foreigners have understood the importance of Desi cow dung cakes and started keeping them in there houses and  patented Desi Cows and it’s products. Unfortunately we Indians argued it as superstitious beliefs and making fun of this practice.

We should know how earlier generations be healthy even during old age. Can you believe that our ancestors are far advanced than our modern Science. Atleast now after facing such a disastrous Covid pandemic, should change our attitudes towards our traditional practice and Culture. Looking at this let’s bring back traditional food and Desi Cow into our life and follow our ancestors life style, and stop making fun of our power packed practices and beliefs. I always keep Dried Cow dung Cakes on the top of my Split Air conditioner Indoor units and inside window Air conditioners at my office and home. Let’s prepare our body to counter any pandemic. Please understand that the destructive attitudes are because of our changed food and habits-

Dee Aar Kay.

Our Premium Products

Pure and Natural Desi Cow Ghee

Rs. 564.00 / 225 gms

Our Premium Products

Wild / Rock Raw Honey

This “wild rock honey” is harvested from the bee hives in the jungles. It has enormous health benefits such as treatment/relieve of lung ailments, cough, phlegm, sore throat, loss of voice, lack of appetite, motion sickness, body heatness, toothache, throat irritation, improves skin complexion and useful for many more health benefits.

Natural Multiflora Raw Honey

Raw Honey is collected from the forests of himalayas in India, collected from Bee Hives from the Natural Flowers of the High Mountains which are free from pollution. This is natural formation which is free from Pesticides , antibiotics and other chemicals. 100% Raw, Pure and Natural honey contains no additives, preservatives and artificial substances. It contains only honey extracted from multiple florals range of Himalayas.

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